Our ‘Rewire’ project is about resetting attitudes and behaviours and getting people into healthier habits to reap the benefits of nature as a preventative healthcare solution. Many people are unaware of the vast healing power of nature! Just a short time in the woods can regulate a person’s blood pressure and reduce stress.

Our outdoor session blocks support social inclusion and are a great way to get ‘back to basics’:

  • boost physical wellbeing – simply ‘being’ in the woods is great for your body 
  • enhance emotional and mental wellbeing – sessions can increase confidence, self-esteem, resilience, open-mindedness… and many other positive traits! 
  • learn new skills, follow own interests and re-ignite a love a learning
  • meet some new, like-minded people, explore new friendships and feel empowered by the creation of peer-support networks that can be sustained after session blocks end
  • let go of old mindsets, attitudes and behaviours that no longer serve you, such as stress, anxiety and aggression
  • get into some healthy new habits using the natural world, A FREE resource!
  • enhance self-esteem and employability for those seeking work

Regular workshops and nature connection session blocks aim to connect, upskill and empower adult groups, some of whom may be isolated and vulnerable members of our community. A strong sense of community is created as participants undertake activities and learn new skills such as building fires and shelters, campfire cooking, natural craft / tool work and exploring flora and fauna. 

Those that are interested can explore coping strategies such as breathing techniques and mindfulness and we promote strength of mind with elements of stoicism and thinking techniques to shift negative perceptions. We encourage participants to share their own stories and coping strategies to highlight the fact that everyone’s insight is valuable and we can all learn from each other. 

How session blocks develop depends very much on the needs and interests of each group. We are super flexible and adaptable and can provide support for pretty much any demographic group to get out to benefit from a regular nature connection. 

Many of our sessions are fully-funded to boost the wellbeing of individuals that:

  • have previous mental or other health issues
  • are in recovery from addiction or trauma such as domestic abuse, loss, bereavement, violence
  • are in potentially socially isolated groups, e.g. adults with learning disabilities, refugees, the elderly


We were asked to create this video about our response to the ‘Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities: Active, Connected & Included’ resource to showcase the work we have been doing.

For information about making a referral or self-referring to our services, please see the ‘Social Prescription’ page…


To see what sessions we have coming up, please click here for our events page or get in touch to discuss what we can do for you.

Most of our sessions are fully funded, depending on the funding we have available. However, even at the few ‘payed for’ sessions, at least 20% of spaces are open to low-income families and individuals. Have a look at upcoming events to see if anything fits with your needs/interests and if not, get in touch to see what we can do for you and your community. 

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