Allan’s Story


(Woodland Wakeup) has brought me a wee bit of excitement and the other people helped me as well. I’ve never been with this kind of group before. It’s nice. The group is quite good to talk about things. I liked sitting around the fire and having a chat.

I learned about the wood we were in and different things about nature and flowers. I liked that the river was lovely. I enjoyed it.

I am a lot closer to nature now. I have had more experience in different natural places.

Yes, I really do (think Woodland Wakeup has made me feel more connected to others). I had a good connection with Jan and Tim.

It (Woodland Wakeup) makes me really good in myself. It has brought out some things so that I’m able to deal with them.

When I was first there I was a bit iffy but when I got to know the group I felt a bit better. I like wildlife and seeing birds, exploring nature and birdwatching. It was really good.