Claire: Erin’s Journey

The kids love the freedom (open space and no parents!), the adventure, the independence, using different tools/resources they may not usually have access to

After sessions they are filthy and smiling – the best way to be! They always speak positively about the sessions, both immediately afterwards on the car journey home and more snippets come out as the week goes on.

My elder daughter suffers from anxiety. Bedtimes are difficult for her and she is unable to access school (even pre-Covid). Woodland Wakeup sessions are the one time she will leave my side to participate in a group activity with other adults/children  – that in itself speaks volumes! 

Nature is such a powerful tool! I think in the WW sessions children are keen to test themselves more and almost “prove” themselves wild and risky so will always challenge themselves and persevere. They are out of their comfort zone of home/parents etc. and have to tap into their resilience and access a different skillset – or learn new skills to adapt and thrive. 

Woodland Wakeup is showing children and families that nature can be accessible and fun. It’s not scary, it’s exciting!

If children associate the feelings they get at a WW session (adventure, confidence, pride, connection with natural environment etc.) with being in nature in general then they are most definitely being aided to connect positively with their natural world.

The girls were always keen to play outside but they now have an increased awareness of risk analysis, their own limIts and desire to show off everything they’ve learned!

The constant, “See at Woodland Wakeup…”, “Natasha has …”, “Natasha does…”  They also do things and I’m like, “Where did that come from?” “Oh just Woodland Wakeup.” 😂

I think their attendance has given me more confidence in their abilities to interact with nature in a way which allows them to take risks, challenge themselves etc.

I know that if they’ve learned a skill, used a tool etc at WW then it’ll have been done to high standards and the children will indeed be confident in their abilities. Knowing they’ve explored nature without parental constraints makes me confident in their own ability to know their limits. 

I am able to step back more and say, “OK, show me,” or be the student instead of the teacher. (Who knew you could whittle a stick with a potato peeler?)
I’m torn, I want to spread the word but equally I feel like it’s our own wee secret club! 😂😂

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