Elaine’s Story


Elaine is a wheelchair user who is both deaf and blind. She has expressed that she is extremely happy as she is now experiencing things she had never took part in before. She is overjoyed at being out with the centre to learn and hear new things in new, natural environments with the help of her hearing aid and Woodland Wakeup staff.

Elaine has spent time toasting marshmallows on an open fire, creating nature boxes, foraging, natural weaving and much more. She has said that she finds the sessions and activities very freeing as they have given her more freedom to explore the world and encouraged her to use her other senses more, for example, feeling and smelling flowers, smelling the fire and feeling the heat, touching the bark on the trees and exploring different textures. Elaine is excited about the sessions going forward.

In our society, there are many limitations for Elaine and others with learning disabilities. However Woodland Wakeup are working to overcome these.