Fiona: Marnie’s Journey

Marnie just loves all of it!  The adventure of doing things she wouldn’t really get a chance to otherwise, like whittling sticks and sitting by the bonfire

She has definitely learned new skills and gained a confidence in trying new things in the outdoors.  When we go for walks as a family she is always showing us, especially her big sister, where the best muddy bits are. 

When she falls over she just gets back up and if it’s been in a good muddy bit she like to fall over again!  She has a better understanding of nature and how important it is.

Marnie definitely understands the outdoor world better now and has less fear of it.  She’s happy to climb into the river to collect pottery and slide down muddy banks and whittle sticks where she would have hesitated before.

We have always spent time outdoors as a family but now Marnie is more aware of her surroundings and is definitely more confident.  She calls the Woods “Natasha’s Woods” and they are now a favourite walk for all of us. 

Marnie is the leader when we go and loves to take us and show us all the places the kids are based when they are there.

We always went walks but often to the beach or to Eglinton Park.  We now include the woodlands as one of our favourite spots and spend much more time there as a family playing in the mud!

I just think it’s brilliant.  It’s been so good for Marnie, it has built her confidence, taught her new skills and opened a whole new world to her.  She loves coming, no matter the weather and is exhausted and happy when we pick her up. 

It helps make sure she gets time outdoors no matter the weather.  We have 3 kids and Marnie is definitely the most outdoors of them all, it helps to give her a chance to get out and have an adventure even if her brother and sister don’t want to.

Thank you!  I think it is a fantastic thing you are doing for children and I really hope you manage to expand it to include kids that maybe don’t get these opportunities otherwise.

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