Ian’s Story


Aye, I gained skills about survival outside, like fire lighting. It was good being outside, it helps get rid of stresses. Helps you relax instead of being in the house. The cooking on the fire was healthier than being in the house when I live so close to takeaways. Whittling was good to pass the time and helped keep your mind busy too. 

It was a great time and  made me feel better. I feel more relaxed, I used to chew my nails when I was stressed but now I need to cut my nails. My mind is more focused and I spend more time walking the dog, a few times a day. Plus I go a wee jog as well and notice nature more. 

Aye, I was already connected to nature but I do enjoy it more now. I look about a lot more now. 

I feel like I’ve got more tools in my toolbox to help me deal with things. I’m not shying away from things now. I used to look into shops and think people looked annoyed at me. a bit of paranoia. Now I don’t. Before I was more socially isolated. I understand now it’s not about me so I don’t really bother about it. When I was working I used to think folk were talking about me. I used to sit and not go back to work for days. I feel more confident. I would be worrying about going out but now I just go out. Going to WW and talking to other folk, sitting round the fire and chatting has helped. 

I enjoyed them (the sessions). They could have been longer. You get there and get talking and then it’s home time. 

I already have (reommended Woodland Wakeup’s services)! 

(I’d like to learn) more to do with plants / medicine and do a bit more whittling. (I’d like) to make it (sessions) longer. 

Sessions were educational, fun and encouraging.