Maure: Grace’s Journey

Grace can now climb to the top of our tree – ridiculously high. She’s now brave enough to try and strong/agile enough to get up there...

She is growing in independence, day by day – going on adventures by herself or leading her brother/friends on adventures.

Grace is a very sensitive and emotional child so every opportunity for her to have peaceful moments is helpful. Also the chance to express herself in nature and feel free to just be is great for her .It’s a good chunk of time to be outside, surrounded by the most beautiful piece of forest.

They’re touching the earth and the water. They’re smelling nature. They’re loving creation and they feel right at home. Grace has taken on a love of a good walking stick. She has one in our backyard that she calls Ducky and she has decorated it with a ribbon!

In particular the glen is now one of our favorite spots. It’s great that while Grace is in session, we can take my son up and down the glen. With Covid we have been avoiding play parks but they are happy to play in nature.

It’s great for everyone. I want all children to have this experience.

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