Pauline & Jamie’s Story

Pauline & Jamie

Pauline & Jamie are in a relationship but they don’t get to experience normal relationship stages or dates as they are not in control of when they see each other. They love getting involved in Woodland Wakeup activities like toasting marshmallows on the campfire side by side, eating together and making food such as pizza. They particularly enjoy hammock time together where they take in the natural world whilst spending time in each other’s company. They also enjoy lovely afternoon walks along the burn together holding hands.

Jamie and Pauline don’t get to meet out with the day centre that they attend and only communicate through telephone calls. Attending Rewire sessions has allowed them to connect in a more meaningful way. The relationship has been four years in the making, but they have never spent

more time together than at their nature sessions. They enjoy lunch time also as they often have a dance with one another.

The Rewire project is not only about participating in activities in the natural world and learning new skills for this lovely couple: it is also a date day!

Both Jamie and Pauline are keen to continue attending their sessions as they love experiencing new things and the natural world together.