Penelope’s Story


I think I have (gained something from sessions). I think it has been good to have an opportunity to encourage myself to go outside and do more crafts in a mindful and supported environment. I tried some crafts that I had not done before. I learned more things that I can do to relax.

Definitely (feel more connected to nature) – I think as my mental health got worse I distanced myself from everything and I distanced myself with nature as well. It has helped me reconnect with things that I fell out of touch with.

I think so (that I am more connected to others). I struggle to remember how connected I felt before – things just kind merge into each other.

I really enjoyed them (the sessions) and I think they have definitely been good for my mental health and I would love to do them again.I definitely would recommend it.

Yes (I would like to come back to do more sessions). I  would like to keep learning new craft skills and trying to get more comfortable connecting with people.

Yes, I really do (think Woodland Wakeup has made me feel more connected to others). I had a good connection with Jan and Tim.