Sarah’s Story


I have benefitted first off, from being encouraged to spend more time outside. Also I have met new people in a far less stressful situation than in the “classroom“ which has made it easier to interact with them. I have also been reminded of things I used to enjoy in the past. 

(As a result of Woodland Wakeup sessions) I have managed to focus on and finish projects, something I often struggle to do.  I find it stressful even sitting down in public. However I attempted to go on a hammock. I wanted to lie down but wasn’t able to but I sat on it until the stress became too much. 

I’m not sure I feel more connected to nature but I do feel more appreciative of it and knowledgeable about it.  Yes, I made some good connections with other people on the course and the lovely staff. 

They (the sessions) were the highlight of my week and I’m really going to miss them.  I already have (recommended Woodland Wakeup’s services) and I’m sure I will again. 

Definitely (would like to come back), if you’d have me!?

(Five words to sum up time at sessions:) Supported:Safe:Cosy:Encouraged:Awesome 

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time, patience and knowledge. I feel strange writing this because I don’t feel that my adventures with Woodland Wake-up have come to an end. I am hoping this is just a pause and that I’ll see you all again soon. 

I think it is the setting and the smaller groups (that helps me to come out of my shell). When there is 20 folk round a table. it is not conducive to speaking. I am not good at speaking. When you are doing something with your hand it feels more like casual conversation. I feel more able to talk and more confident.

I think there is a whole thing that it is a shared experience. When you are in a classroom the focus in on what you say and do but at Woodland Wakeup you end up talking about the same things but it is not because someone has asked you the question. It is more organic.