Recent studies have shown that young people have been the group most affected by the negative impact of the recent pandemic’s lockdowns, which have been detrimental to many areas of their lives. Everyday societal pressures stemming from, for example, growing up with ready access to social media channels, feeling inadequacies compared with online ‘influencers’, reduced ‘in-person’ contact with peers (communicating via digital means instead), general overuse of screens and technology, and of course reduced time spent in the natural world… are arguably all factors exacerbating the poor health our young people.

An alarming number of teens are living with poor mental health, anxiety (especially in social situations), unmanageable stress levels, low confidence and self esteem and reduced resilience and social skills.

Adolescence can be difficult enough at the best of times without having so many extra pressures…

Our sessions aim to connect, upskill and empower young people and are designed for them to reconnect with nature and other people, practise self-regulation strategies and engage in self-led learning, take calculated risks in a safe environment, create new experiences and memories in the wonders of the natural world, while developing healthy habits and positive traits that can last them a lifetime. A strong sense of community is created as participants undertake activities and learn new skills such as building fires and shelters, campfire cooking, natural craft / tool work and exploring flora and fauna. 

Taking part in sessions can also lead to increased employability as new skills are developed, a love of learning has been re-ignited, self-esteem has had a boost and attitudes and behaviours indicate a positive outlook and confidence in one’s abilities. 

Those that are interested can explore coping strategies such as breathing techniques and mindfulness and we promote strength of mind with elements of stoicism and thinking techniques to shift negative perceptions. We encourage participants to share their own stories and coping strategies to highlight the fact that everyone’s insight is valuable and we can all learn from each other. 

How session blocks develop depends very much on the needs and interests of each group: we are super flexible and adaptable and can tailor support and activities accordingly. We can work with schools, youth groups and other organisations and welcome opportunities for partnership and collaboration. . 


To see what sessions we have coming up, please click here for our EVENTS page, speak to your local youth worker (if you have one) about developing nature sessions for young people in your area, or get in touch to discuss what we can do for you and your peers.

Most of our sessions are fully funded, depending on the funding we have available. However, even at the few ‘payed for’ sessions, at least 20% of spaces are open to low-income families and individuals. Have a look at upcoming events to see if anything fits with your needs/interests and if not, get in touch to see what we can do for you and your community. 

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