Wee Wild Things


These are super-fun nature adventure sessions for pre-school children and parents/caregivers which allow pre-school children to experience a mixture of activities such as hammock time, nature arts and crafts, nature detective work and flora and fauna exploration, den building, simple tool work and forest play and adventures.

As well as boosting kiddies’ confidence, independence, resilience, social skills and a vast range of other positive traits, engaging in this type of natural play and exploration lays some solid foundations on which the wee wild things’ future learning will be built upon. What a great start!

While exploring with your pre-schooler, parents/caregivers will also have the chance to have a hot cuppa and a good natter in beautiful, natural surroundings.

Get those kiddies out to play!

Most of our sessions are fully funded, depending on the funding we have available. However, even at the few ‘payed for’ sessions, at least 20% of spaces are open to low-income families and individuals. Have a look at upcoming events to see if anything fits with your needs/interests and if not, get in touch to see what we can do for you and your community. 

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