Here at Woodland Wakeup we are keen to showcase the work we are doing to the amazing funders who enable us to provide our sessions and services for some of our communities’ most vulnerable adults, families and young people.

Working with groups and collating their stories, details about their experiences and the impact that Woodland Wakeup has had on them can be very personal and it can be anxiety-provoking for some individuals that are confiding aspects of their life to think that this information may be accessible by the public.

We have created this safe space for funders only, which allows them access to media such as:

Case studies


Video interviews

Personal experiences / stories 

The individuals in any of the media have given permission for us to share their experiences to support Woodland Wakeup’s funding applications. However, they have kindly asked that we do not publicly publish the feedback given. 

We trust that funders will use this page with discretion to ensure that the contents of this page is completely confidential. 

This page is secured with a password which is shared with Woodland Wakeup’s funding applications. This password may be changed regularly in order to minimise the number of people with access to the information. 
If you are from a funding organisation wishing to view this page and the password you have been given does not work, please contact us at

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